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Promoting Your Website
Ideas of how to help promote your products or services that are on your website!
Submit Your Webpage URL to Search Engines. Submit your homepage URL to the important Web search engines that robotically index the Web. Look for a link on the search engine for "Add Your URL." In the US, the most used search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search, and Some of these feed search content to the other main search engines and portal sites.
Get your rank up on the search engines! See 'Search Engines and Submissions' page.
Take advantage of free ads on the internet! Ie: Craigslist and Ebay Classifieds
Craigslist Ebay Classifieds
Consider an Ebay Store They are only $15.95 a month (last time I checked) and you can use it for promoting your products and/or services in addition to using it to sell your old stuff! And adding items is only $.10 each! It also helps get your products or services on search engines higher and faster. See our 'Ebay' page.
Ebay Stores
Get friends and associates with websites to swap ad banners or links with you. It is a win-win situation for everybody! And who doesn't have a website??
Use those forums you belong to to promote yourself in your signature! 
Submit Your Site to Key Directories Be sure to list your site in the free Open Directory Project (, overseen by overworked volunteer human editors. This hierarchical directory provides content feeds to all the major search engines. Plus it provides a link to your site from an information hub that Google deems important. But don't be impatient and resubmit or you'll go to the end of the queue. Also Yelp and Thumbtack are good ones to list on.
Make sure your URL is included in all printed media including advertisments, business cards, letterhead, brochures, outdoor signage, tradeshow signage, email signature, even on your car (anything from license plate holders, bumperstickers to cut vinyl lettering)! Even put your URL on the back of a T-shirt or on a hat and wear it when you go to trade shows or any events with lots of people..
Emails Make sure you keep a list of all your current and past customers emails. Every so often, send out an email updating products and services. Don't let them forget about you and it looks like you haven't forgotten them! It can really boost your business!
Offer something Free on your website! Offer a free download or advise or a coupon or anything you can think of. Customers LOVE it! We like to offer free 'Year at a Glance" downloadable calendars that they can print out. It costs nothing more than the time it took you to create and upload the file. And it has your contact / website information on it so they are always looking at your info.
• Google Places and Yahoo Local If you don’t already have one Create an account on Google Places (previously Google Local). Enter your company name, address, phone number and website. Verify the information with a postacard or telephone call. In a few weeks you will help you get a map listing for your company name or industry and town. You REALLY want this listing if you have a brick and mortar business location.
• YouTube If you are up for it, create a cool video about your business / website and upload it to YouTube. Make it funny, shocking, technical or what ever you want. Just don't make it boring! Then embed it into your website. Always a nice touch.
• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising - a very quick way to get targeted visitors from search engines to your website. An example would be Google Adwords. Only use this if you are selling a product or service. If your website only provides information, this can get expensive with no monitary return. Advertising on Google Adwords does NOT help you rank higher in the search engines.
Email us your ideas for promoting websites!

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